The VIP PHARMACY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is the easy to learn / easy to use sofware package, ideally suited for the following environments:

Why You Need the VIP Pharmacy Management System

First and foremost, the VIP Pharmacy Management System is developed around the way you do business. VIP Software is designed to be complete, flexible and easily adaptable for your pharmacy's needs.

VIP uses state-of-the-art programming techniques employing LINUX and UNIX operating systems. Highly secure, the modules are tightly integrated for speed and ease of use. The multi-user capability allows the pharmacist and employees to operate multiple workstations simultaneously while performing different tasks at each workstation.

Following are the major modules of the VIP Pharmacy Management System. Click on each one of them in the product box to the left to get more detail:

Retail Pharmacy
The most flexible, scalable and stable solution available.

Nursing Home
A complete package with advanced features replicated from the Pharmacy, but with features unique to Nursing Home dispensing.

Accounts Receivables
Fully integrated with the prescription filling process or the POS function.

Clinical Databases
In depth information about prescription drugs including pricing updates, active vs. inactive, interactions, allergies, patient drug leaflets, and more.

Automatic re-ordering and receiving module to maintain and valuate inventory.

Point of Sale
Tightly coupled with the Retail Pharmacy and Accounts Receivables modules enabling end-to-end processing of transactions via a cash register.

Electronic Signature Capture
Electronic signature capture that captures signatures for 3rd party prescription pickups and who picked them up, HIPAA Notice of Privacy Policy acknowledgment, and safety caps preference.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Fully integrated to the Retail Pharmacy module, IVR takes refill requests from patients, takes prescription & patient information from physicians - both during the business day and/or after hours.

Service: Why We're Different

The most important feature of the VIP Pharmacy Management system is the support you receive after the sale. From installation to personalized on-site training, from continuous technical support and enhanced software releases, VIP is committed to providing the best on-going customer support of anyone in the industry. Whether opening a new retail location or switching from another vendor's package, VIP stands ready to help your pharmacy with the following services:

Electronic Data Base Updates

Internet Claims

Pre and Post Editing

Resubmission of Claims when AWP increases

Rebate Programs

Data Sales


If you are ready to move into the future of pharmacy management with the most progressive pharmacy computer systems available today, you owe it to yourself to look at the VIP Pharmacy Management System.

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VIP Computers announces the interface to RxMEDIC Systems robotics solution for pharmacies
VIP has entered into a preferred partnership program with RxMEDIC which has developed the premier robotic dispensing system in the industry. The system is superior to all other dispensing systems and provides tremendous productivity, accuracy and cost reduction to your dispensing process. The system is very small (6 ft by 2 ft), dispenses up to 252 different medications, selects the proper vial size, labels the vial, dispenses the meds into the vial, then caps and places the vial on the appropriate shelving - all within approximately 20 seconds!


VIP Computers, Inc. announces the release of e-Sig! for VIP
E-Sig! is the electronic signature capture solution that enables pharmacies to capture signatures for the pickup of 3rd party scripts (no more log book), acknowledgment of receipt of the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Policy and the elusive safety caps preference.


VIP Computers, Inc. releases Version 5.5 (HIPAA Compliant) of its Pharmacy Management System
Version 5.5 supports pharmacies in maintaining their HIPAA compliance efforts